View Full Version : Surface-fitting of irregularly spaced data points

unknown user
01-18-1994, 04:52 AM
In response to Marco Viceconti and Ben's messages on surface-fitting of
irregularly distributed data points, I would refer to the following paper:

"A Method of Bivariate Interpolation and Smooth Surface Fitting for
Irregularly Distributed Data Points", Hiroshi Akima, ACM Transactions on
Mathematical Software, Vol. 4, No. 2, June 1978, pp. 148-159.

Also see pp. 160-164 for a description of a FORTRAN code which implements
the surface-fitting procedure. The full listing of the code can be
obtained directly from ACM Algorithms Distribution Service, according to
the copy of the paper that I have, although I do not have information on how
to contact this service.

I have used the IMSL implementation of Akima's algorithm and I have had
very good results so far, although my surface data points are fairly
regularly spaced. Note that this is a surface interpolation scheme, not a
surface approximation scheme. The surface that you obtain will pass
through all the points, noise and all. I hope that this helps.

Gerard A. Ateshian
Assistant Professor
Columbia University