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unknown user
04-13-1990, 11:16 AM
Dear Colleagues,

This is to announce the formation of a new email group for BMES!

This group is for everyone who is a Biomedical Engineer, works in
a Biomedical Engineering or related field or is simply interested
in what Biomedical Engineers do. This is a forum where people
from academics and industry, professors and students, and
employers and job-seekers can meet, pose questions and exchange
information with others having similar interests quickly, easily
and inexpensively. Although this group was originally intended
mainly for members of the Biomedical Engineering Society, in a
short time it has grown into something much more. Membership in
BMES is strongly encouraged although is not a prerequisite for
participation here.

To join the group, send a message to:


If you have any questions or want any additional information, let
me know. In addition, encourage your friends and colleagues to
register as well. The more people that participate, the more we
all benefit so spread the word!

Thanks again,

Michael Drues


Michael Drues Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Internet:drues@atanasoff.cs.iastate.edu 1146 Veterinary Medicine
BITNET:v2.med@isumvs.bitnet Iowa State University
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