View Full Version : Non-invasive determination of muscle fibre-type distribution ofquadriceps femoris in man

10-22-2007, 01:22 AM
Dear community,

we are looking for a non-invasive method to determine the in vivo muscle
fibre-type distribution of quadriceps femoris muscle in man. We do not
need an exact distribution (i.e. percentage of slow and fast fibres) but
we would like to distinguish between human subjects with majoritarian
fast-twitch and slow twitch fibres, respectively.

Reviewing the literatur in this regard, we found some proposals for
testprocedures to determine muscle fibre-type distribution (e. g.
strength endurance test, collection of F-v-R data, jumping tests).
However, I was wondering that there is apparently no state-of-the-art
method for determining in vivo muscle fibre-type distribution that is
reliable and validated (including reference values).

So, if you have any ideas or experience concerning our query, it would
be of great help!

Thanks for all replies,


Daniel Hahn
Department of Biomechanics in Sport

Technische Universität München
Faculty of Sport Science

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