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Christopher L. Vaughan
01-19-1994, 11:52 PM
Dear Colleagues,

This advertisement has been sent to me. Please pass it along to
any interested persons. Do NOT contact me! Unfortunately
there's no e-mail address.

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Biomechanical/Human Factors Engineering


The Biosciences Division of The University of Michigan
Transportation Research Institute(UMTRI) is seeking a versatile
and capable individual to conduct basic and applied research in
biomechanics related to motor-vehicle transportation. Potential
areas of research include: laboratory experimentation and testing
with regard to the biomechanics of human impact response, injury
criteria, and tolerance; in-depth accident and injury
investigations relative to the mechanisms of traumatic injuries
and the secondary effects of trauma on the human system;
anthropometric and ergonomic studies with regard to vehicle seat
and interior design; development of crash test dummies; and
mathematical modeling of the interaction of motor-vehicle
occupants with the vehicle interior and occupant restraint

Applicants must have completed a doctoral program in engineering
or related field and have one to five years experience conducting
research in biomechanics. The successful candidate must
demonstrate an ability to identify problems and develop proposals
for new research activities and will be expected to conduct
high-quality, independent research involving the development of
research hypotheses, the design and performance of experiments,
analysis and interpretation of results, and communication of
research and presentations. As a member of multidisciplinary
organization, the successful applicant will be expected to work
effectively with other research staff and to function as a member
of the Biosciences research team.

UMTRI was established in 1966 and conducts and interdisciplinary
program of research in the areas of vehicle dynamics,
biomechanics, human factors, highway safety studies, marine
systems, and the automotive industry.

Forward responses to:

Head, Biosciences Division, UMTRI
2901 Baxter Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2150

tel: (313) 763 3582
fax: (313) 747 3330

The University of Michigan is an equal opportunity/affirmative
action employer and encourages women and minorities to apply.

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That's it!

Kit Vaughan