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10-30-2007, 08:24 PM

We are currently conducting research into the outcome measures used to analyse foot pressure measurement data, and methods of clinical reporting.

We use the Tekscan F-scan system. Currently when analysing Tekscan data between two different conditions, we simply choose a representative walk in each condition, average the representative stances within these walks, and print an image of the average pressure distribution with the COP trajectory line overlaid. Differences in pressure distribution between the two conditions are then made visually, from the images. We are aware that we could also use the TAM boxes to get quantitative data.

Ideally we would like to improve our reporting. We would therefore like to pose the following questions:

1. How do different centres report foot pressure measurements?
We are aware that dissecting the foot into different quadrants and discussing what happens in each of them is a possibility. Also that some centres show a number of images throughout a stance, to illustrate the passage of pressure along the foot and give an indication of the time taken on different parts of the foot. Any information on these techniques, or any others used, would be gratefully received.

2. We would like to create a pressure image from a number of normals with a COP trajectory overlaid, to compare clinically collected data to. Does anyone have any idea of how we could do this using the Tekscan software/Excel etc? To date we have been unable to find a way of combining stances from different people, into 1 image.

Many thanks in advance. A summary of any responses will be posted.

Emma Pratt

Emma Pratt
Pre-Registration Clinical Scientist
Douglas Bader Rehabilitation Centre
Queen Mary's Hospital
Roehampton Lane
London SW15 5PN

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