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11-05-2007, 09:21 AM
Topic: Multi-scale characterisation of human bone fracture mechanics.
Location: University of Adelaide, Australia.

Expressions of interest are invited from outstanding recent mechanical
engineering graduates, or those in the final stages of their degree, who
are interested in pursuing a PhD investigating the fracture mechanics of
human bone.

Commencing in early 2008, the successful candidate will be jointly
supervised by Professor Nick Fazzalari from the Bone and Joint Research
Laboratory at the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science (IMVS),
and Dr Andrei Kotousov from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at
the University of Adelaide. The position will be supported by an annual
stipend of approximately AUS$20,000 for three years.

Applicants will be afforded considerable freedom to define their own
research project, but will be expected to include both theoretical
modeling and experimental validation, and clinical relevance within the
context of bone pathologies such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Experimental techniques accessible through the Bone and Joint Research
Laboratory include multiscale characterisation of material properties
through biomechanical testing, and structural characterisation using
micro computed tomography, histomorphometry, confocal microscopy,
electon microscopy and atomic force microscopy. Prior experience with
any of these techniques is considered advantageous. The laboratory has
extensive access to surgical and cadaveric human bone for

Applicants should have or expect to attain a first class honours degree
in mechanical engineering or equivalent. Experience in analytical
modeling and finite element modeling is essential. Pre-existing
knowledge of biomechanics specifically is advantageous but not
essential. Opportunities will exist for national and international
travel for conference attendance and further study during the term of
the candidature. Applicants should initially contact either Professor
Nick Fazzalari or Dr Andrei Kotousov via email or telephone to express
their interest.

Contact details:

Prof Nick Fazzalari
Phone +61 (0)8 82223269
Email nick.fazzalari@imvs.sa.gov.au

Dr Andrei Kotousov
Phone +61 (0)8 83035439
Email andrei.kotousov@mecheng.adelaide.edu.au

Bone and Joint Research Laboratory website:

Adelaide University website: