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Justin Case
11-06-2007, 05:40 AM

I am developing some software for a project that requires continual high
speed video streaming. We are interested in supporting rates of 100 to 200
fps, which will come from Basler or similar cameras. I am new to the video
capture field, so any information on the following topic would be greatly

I would be interested in hearing from subscribers that have direct
experience with either commercial software packages or custom software
developments that successfully stream raw video data to a PC for durations
of up to 1 hour. I have looked at some companies that specialize in 2D
video capture for biomechanics, but software specs on data throughputs are
hard to come by. It seems that common approaches make use of either on
board camera memory to capture the data (which makes real-time, long
duration streaming problematic) or highly specialized cameras to identify
markers and relay only coordinates to the PC (which we cannot use in our

My impression thus far is that when it comes to long-duration video
streaming, capture rates higher than 30 fps for long recordings are not
commonly found in the market place (and hence not easily achieved without
specialized equipment). Our application is for biomechanics research.
Firewire, USB and Gigabit-ethernet communication ports are available to us.

Any comments, suggestions and experiences that you can share will be greatly

Thank-you in advance,