View Full Version : NYC Bone on Tuesday,November 13th: BOB MAJESKA,Mount Sinai School of Medicine on "BONE REMODELING AND SKELETALMETASTASIS: MAKING THINGS TOO COZY?"

Steve Cowin
11-06-2007, 09:25 PM
To Bone Researchers in the NYC area:

The second fall seminar in the Bone Seminar Series will take
place Tuesday, November 13th, 2007 at 7:00 PM in room 9207 of the
CUNY Graduate Center. The joint speaker is BOB MAJESKA (Mount Sinai
School of Medicine). His talk is entitled "BONE REMODELING AND

Please join us for an hour of socializing and exchanging ideas
beginning at 5:45 PM (to 6:45). All seminar attendees are invited to
gather at the Heartland Brewery (see below) prior to the
presentation. The speakers and others will be downstairs at the
Heartland Brewery starting at 5:45 PM. Appetizers will be provided as
well as non-alcoholic beverages. Supplemental beverages (i.e.,
alcoholic) will require out-of-pocket cash. Please note that there
will be no food or beverages provided at the seminar so come early to
the Heartland for both and for good conversations. Ask downstairs at
the Heartland Brewery for the Bone Seminar Group.

Heartland Brewery
350 5th Ave (Corner of 5th and 34th--Empire State Building-
Across 5th from the CUNY Graduate Center)
212 563 3433

More information on the seminar, as well as directions to the Center,
can be found at http://www.bonenet.net/