View Full Version : Looking for a doctoral program in human factors

Nancy Black
01-24-1994, 10:58 PM
I am interested in information pertaining to ergonomics or human factors
programs at the doctoral level. I have an honours BASc degree in Systems
Design Engineering at Waterloo, and worked for over 2 years as
consultant and operational systems analyst with a large company.
I have just completed my Master's of Applied Science (in Industrial
Engineering) at the Technical University of Nova Scotia specializing in
the study of the strength of paraplegics in their upper-body workspace areas.
I am now working as a faculty member at Universite de Moncton in Industrial
Engineering but will be planning on doing a doctoral degree in the very near
future, concurrent with my teaching. I am bilingual (French-English)
with some knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese, and I have lived in France.

I am interested in finding out more about programs and/or potential
supervisors or collaborating research centres, particularly where there
would be a possibility of me studying courses during the summer months and
possibly doing research based in Moncton or not far away. My interests
are still relatively diverse within the area of Human Factors or Ergonomics,
though I have most experience in workstation or work system design.
Continued research involving physically disabled individuals could also
be of interest.

I was looking at the Peterson's guide and felt quite overwhelmed by the
number of possibilities. Your hints or guidance would be most appreciated.

Thank you in advance