View Full Version : Hill's equation fitting questions

11-09-2007, 08:27 AM
Dear Biomch-L community:

I have a couple of questions regarding Hill's equation. According to
Hill's equation (1938) V0 is defined @ P=0. However, due to viscosity
and inertial force, P is never zero. So there must be some
extrapolation to get V0 @ P=0.

My first question is if there is a general agreement in the
biomechanics community about the range of V0. If yes, what are the up
and low limits (linear and rotational)?

The second question is kind of hypothetical. Although in theory P -> 0
as V0 -> infinity, has anyone experienced P > 0 case during actual
data fitting?

Suggestions about cares I should take during Hill's equation fitting
are also appreciated.

Ting Xia, PhD
Center for Computer-Aided Design
The University of Iowa