View Full Version : Angles of forefoot flexion

Larry Gutkowski
01-25-1994, 05:56 AM
We are in the process of improving our current mechanical tests for measuring
the forefoot flexibility of footwear (i.e., a torque versus angular
displacement curve). We want to apply the appropriate boundary conditions
relative to the sport-category of the shoe.

I am looking for kinematic information related to the flexing of the forefoot
during various sporting activities. For instance, if the forefoot (toes) and
midfoot were assumed to be rigid bodies connected by a single hinge joint
(i.e., an "average" MP joint) what would be the angle of flexion as a function
of time. Again, I am interested in this for any and all sport activities.

Any comments or information would be appreciated.

Larry Gutkowski
Researcher/Mechanical Engineering
NIKE Sport Research Lab