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11-19-2007, 03:51 AM
Dear Colleagues,

I hope this message finds you well. I am excited to announce that the
Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program competition is now

Program Overview
The Whitaker International Program is a competitive grant that is
targeted at sending emerging leaders in the field of biomedical
engineering overseas to increase international collaboration in the
field. The grant is awarded based on an activity/project proposal that
is relevant to biomedical engineering. Grantees have gone overseas to
work on a wide range of activities, from pursuing Bioscience Enterprise
coursework to modeling blood flow through the heart to developing
prosthetics for amputees.

New Website Address
The Whitaker Foundation closed its doors in June 2006, and graciously
donated their website address to be used for the Whitaker International
Fellows and Scholars Program starting this year. The website address is:

New Policies
Based on feedback from recent applicants, professors, and other
stakeholders, the Whitaker International Program has changed its
policies to expand the program's impact.

* Eligibility - We will now accept applications for Whitaker
Fellowships from those applicants who demonstrate a dedication to the
field in their academic body of work, even if the home institution does
not offer a biomedical engineering degree. This change applies only to
graduating seniors and those without any academic work beyond a
bachelor's degree.
* New Program Option - We are excited to announce a new program
option for Whitaker Scholar (post-doctoral) applicants. They can now
apply for up to a two-year Whitaker Scholarship. This is to accommodate
post-doctoral placements which may take more than one year. Applicants
applying for more than one year will need to justify the time they are
requesting in their project/activity proposal.

Online Application
The online application is now available, updated to reflect the new
policies. Visit http://www.whitaker.org/ for more information.

Publicity Materials
If you need brochures or posters related to the program, please feel
free to contact me. I am also available to answer any questions you may
have related to the Whitaker International Program.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Vijay Renganathan
Program Manager
Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program

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Institute of International Education
809 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017
P: 212 984-5442
F: 212 984-5325
E: whitaker@iie.org