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11-19-2007, 10:44 PM
International conference "Motor Control 2008 - From Theories to Clinical
Application", September 19-21, Zakopane, Poland


First announcement

Dear Sir/Madam,

>From 19-21 September 2008 the International Scientific Conference "Motor
Control 2008" will be held in Zakopane, Poland.

Examples of conference topics:

Theories, implementations and research perspectives in motor control

Motor learning

Posture and movement control

Sport science

Biochemical, physiological and biomechanical basis of motor control

Physiotherapy and clinical applications

Motor control in different stages of human development

Diagnosis in motor control

Cognitive aspects of motor control

We believe that the confrontation of polish and international scientists
will allow determining the state of our knowledge in light of world

For more information and further instruction visit the conference website
http://www.mc2008.awf.katowice.pl or contact us directly at

Kind regards,

Kajetan Slomka (k.slomka@awf.katowice.pl)

Grzegorz Juras (g.juras@awf.katowice.pl)

(Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Poland - conference organizers)