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Hyun Gu Kang
11-29-2007, 04:55 AM
Translational Research in Aging Training Program Postdoctoral Fellowship
Training Slots

The Harvard-Wide Translational Research in Aging Training Program has
several postdoctoral research opportunities (clinical and basic science)
for MD and/or PhD candidates. Support is provided through a NIA-funded
T32 National Research Service Award Program, and includes an NIH stipend
(level determined by the duration of post-doctoral training), tuition
and fees allowance, travel allowance and a research supply allowance.
Trainees may also apply for educational loan forgiveness. The individual
must be a US citizen or permanent resident with a resident alien card.
Two-year commitment is required.

Typically, this training grant provides support for two years. Because
the grant will be in its last funded year starting 7/1/2008, we can only
guarantee funding for one year. If the competing renewal is successful,
an additional year of support will be provided. The mentor must confirm
that he/she will support the research fellow for the second year in case
the competing renewal is not successful. Trainees already supported by
this training grant may competitively apply for a third year of support.

Areas of research span both clinical and basic science issues in aging
and include (but are not limited to):

Mechanisms of Falls, Syncope, and Hypotension
Epidemiology of Falls and Foot Disorders
Dynamics of Gait and Balance
Dynamic Foot Pressures and Kinesiology
Regulation of Cerebral Blood Flow
Delirium and Dementia: Detection, Risk, Outcomes, and Interventions
Palliative Care
Genetic Epidemiology of Osteoporosis
Dietary Influences on Bone Health
Skeletal Imaging
Mitochondrial Mutations in aging
Mental Health and Minority aging

Please email a full application to Dr. Konstantin Khrapko (khrapko@hms.harvard.edu
) and Kathryn Irvine Tasker (
kathyrn_irvine@hms.harvard.edu )
by 12/31/07.

Please direct any questions about the application process or identifying mentors to Dr. Khrapko and Ms. Tasker.
Since attachments can't be sent over Biomch-L, please contact Ms. Tasker to receive an application.

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