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12-01-2007, 08:55 AM
Postdoctoral Fellow and Graduate Students

The Motor Control Laboratory at the Pennsylvania State University (Department of
Kinesiology) is currently looking for three new researchers to complement the
existing team. To learn more about MCL@PSU, visit:

1). We are looking for a Postdoctoral Fellow to work on one of the two NIH-funded
projects, or both. One of the projects is related to multi-joint, multi-digit, and
multi-muscle coordination in tasks such as vertical posture, stepping, reaching,
pressing, and manipulation of hand-held objects. The other project is related to
changes in the hand function and digit coordination with healthy aging.

A successful applicant is expected to have a Ph.D. in physiology, kinesiology,
engineering, physics, or a related area. Experience with experimental studies of
human movements (including force platforms, movement tracking systems and
electromyography) and proficiency in programming (MatLab and LabView) and statistics
are expected as well.

2). We are also looking for two new graduate students to join the graduate program in
Kinesiology. Applicants with undergraduate degrees in engineering, physics, physical
therapy, physiology, mathematics, computer science, and similar areas are encouraged
to apply. You are welcome to work on any of the mentioned projects or come up with
one of your own. Assistantships are available for qualified applicants.

Our team consists of about 10 researchers representing 8 countries with expertise in
various areas such as physics, physiology, mathematics, computer science, and
physical therapy. We work in close collaboration with the group of Professor Vladimir
Zatsiorsky (Laboratory of Biomechanics). There are possibilities of collaboration
with other faculty in the Department of Kinesiology and in other Departments at Penn

If you are interested in the Postdoctoral position, please e-mail to Mark Latash,
mll11@psu.edu a letter of interest, a detailed CV (with the list of publications),
and three names of colleagues who could be contacted for references. If you are
interested in joining the Graduate Program, please e-mail to Mark Latash,
mll11@psu.edu a letter of interest, a detailed CV, and GRE and TOEFL scores (if
applicable). A formal application to the Graduate Program will be required (details
can be found on Internet, http://www.hhdev.psu.edu/kines/grad/index.html ).