View Full Version : Injury rates for non-sprung surfaces in Badminton

12-03-2007, 02:21 AM
Does anyone know of any research that compares sprung and solid floors in
high impact sports like Badminton (jumps and sharp direction changes) with
regards to injury rates and types of injuries?

As my remit is all things Badminton I have a general interest in this but
also a local one as the venue where all our county elite players played,
which was sprung wooden, closed and they have had to all move to a new venue
which is more or less solid (mats on concrete but the mats are pretty
rubbish). Anecdotally it appears their injuries rates have shot up, at
least initially, with knee and ankle problems. There may have been a
reduction recently but I'm theorising (theory upon theory!) that this could
be due to people holding back in training.

Generally there is a belief in Badminton that sprung is better than solid
with respect to injury rates

Has anyone come across any research that looks at this area? Maybe in
basketball (I know its not as explosive as badminton but I can't think of
anything else comparable)?

Thanks, Joe

Mr Joe Wright