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Graham Clarke
01-26-1994, 01:57 AM

Here at Bangor (UK) the research of a team of Engineers and Biologists is
slowly drifting in the direction of mechanical analysis of stance and gait.
We're fairly new to the subject but many people (including many users of this
list) use video to analyse movents.

Could any of you nice people out there (-: give me some pointers to articles
on this subject (reviews would be nice) and to video equipment/analysis
programs/routines that might prove usefull.

Given that we are new to this field, it is unlikely that we will be able to
find a whole lot of grant money to fund this; so simple and inexpensive options
would be best.

Many thanks (in advance) for your help.


Graham Clarke
(Lecturer in Physiology, School of Biological Sciences, U. Wales - Bangor)