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12-07-2007, 06:17 AM
Hi Chris,

I believe I heard the phrase "fully actuated" used to describe this type
of robot, from some colleagues who work with robots more than I. In
this situation, the robot's COM is never allowed to move outside of the
base of support provided by the feet. To make foot contact at the end
of "swing phase," the contra-lateral stance knee must be actively flexed
by actuators. Some children with cerebral palsy, who are weak or afraid
of losing their balance, walk in a similar manner, reluctant to use a
normal step length.

In normal gait, the COM is allowed to move forward of the base of
support, we "fall forward" onto an extended lead leg, and catch
ourselves during loading response. This is the basis for much of
passive dynamic walking, with all of the inverted pendulum assumptions.

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