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Sarah Donelson Yb
01-26-1994, 03:57 AM
For those of you who are trying to find reports with numbers such as
AMRL-TR-71-88 and HSRI-R-71-112. These are usually Technical
Reports (TR's) that are published by US government agencies. I
believe that the AMRL reference should really be AAMRL which means
that it was published at the US Army Aeromedical Research
Laboratory, TR is Tech Report, 71 is 1971 and 88 means that it was
88th TR published in that year. Many TR's and anthropometric
databases are available from these sources. If they are not
classified (and most of them are not), you can order them from:
US Department of Commerce
National Technical Information Service
Springfield, VA 22161
phone: (707) 487-4650
If you are affiliated with the US Department of Defense, contact:
Defense Logistics Agency
Defense Technical Information Center
Building #5, Cameron Station
Alexandria, VA 22304-6145
phone: (703) 274-7633

When ordering include the title, authors and the AD number of the
pubilication (i.e., AAMRL-TR-71-88). I believe that they will also
provide all of the titles that are available with an abstract for
any given topic, such as anthropometry. I have never asked though,
so I am not sure. Good luck with the search. - Sarah Donelson