View Full Version : Re: Asimo robot gait

Tim Finucane
12-12-2007, 09:46 PM
Dear Chris

On a lighter note, I think the reason why Asimo runs as he does is because
he's been to the cinema and is dying for a leak. Anyone who has experienced
this and has had to run 100 m through crowds to the washroom will know this
to be true!

On a more serious note, this way of running can easily be replicated. Just
'freeze' your feet so that you land flat on your feet in each step and try
to run quickly. You will have to run with bent knees. Asimo can't run
properly because as Dave Smith explained very well, he can't bend his feet.
And he can't bend his feet because the complex mobility of the foot is
probably just too complicated to replicate.


Tim Finucane