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unknown user
01-26-1994, 05:23 PM
Hello Ian Mckenzie!

I have one reference considering your subject:
An evaluation of a weightlifting belt and back
injury prevention training class for airline
baggage handlers, CR Reddell, JJ Congleton,
Huchingson & JF Montgomery, Applied Ergonomics,
1992, 23(5), 319-329.

In this paper there are 29 references. From Texas A&M
University, College Station, TX 77843 you can get
many unpublished doctoral/master's thesis.

When I was studying airline luggage handlers
musculoskeletal stress at work there were many
ramp-men using belts. They said that it supports
during transferring luggage, freight etc.

Good luck for your study!

Hannu Stalhammar
Ministry of Labour
Occupational Safety and Health Division
Development Unit
Fin-00101 Helsinki Finland
E-mail: Hannu.Stalhammar@Tyoministerio.VNK.mailnet.fi