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12-21-2007, 11:20 AM
I am posting a question for a friend that is not a subscriber. If you
send your answers to me I will forward them to him and ask him to
summarize all the answers for me and I will the post the summary back to
this list.

Here is his question:

He has noticed that the frequency of shoulder injuries among elite
tennis players is way less than that of his elite pitchers, even though
they all have the same kinematic sequence (serving and pitching are
virtually the same) and their practice number of serves equals that of
the pitchers' pitch counts. He feels that this may be due to the simple
fact that the tennis player does not let go of the racquet and the
pitcher lets go of the ball. Does this explain the differences in
stress to the arm or is there another main reason for the differences in
injury rates?

Thanks for your help.



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