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01-02-2008, 03:03 AM
hope this time it will work!

Dear Colleagues

I hope you will be willing and able to comment on this one. It's a kind of
follow-up to a discussion started by Richard Baker some time ago.

In my work as a biomechanics advisor/engineer I was asked to review a novel
technology that will enable the measurement of the 3 components of GF Forces
at numerous points on the foot, simultaneously, continuously and accuratelyThe big question is: so what? Is the extra information realy important? The
company claims they can put a 50 sensor insole in a shoe measuring 3d forces
at high speed in a very low cost (300$). Will it help in diagnosing
orthopedic diseases? Will it solve any real clinical or research problem?
Will it help in designing orthotics or prosthetics? And how about a force
plate with 2000 sensors? And if you think it will be helpful is there a
minimal number of sensors needed for practical use?

I want to further focus my question: I am especially interested in actual
clinical research and/or publications on the subject. And if possible not
just in CP and prosthetics/orthotics. I don't remember seeing any such workI know from my own experience and others, like Dr. Davis from the CCF, that
the extra data offered by such a system is very promising but I never saw
an actual work, for example using simulations. I'll be very grateful for any
information on this subject.

Thank you and Happy New Year to all

Moshe Nissan
Dr. M. Nissan
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