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Tomasz Wit Hruczkowski
01-27-1994, 05:31 AM
Reaching for Tomorrow

The 1994 Myoelectric Control conference (MEC'94) will be a four and one half
day combination of a course and a symposium. Hosted by the Institute of
Biomedical Engineering, a research institute recognized worldwide for its
research into myoelectric controls, MEC'94 will be held in Fredericton, NB,
August 22-26, 1994.

This year's meeting will combine a two day introductory course in myoelectric
control/powered prosthetics and a two and one half day symposium. MEC'94
promises to be educational and informative for all attendees and will have
topics of interest to engineers, physicians, occupational therapists,
physical therapists, orthotists, prosthetists, academics and others involved in
the research into or the clinical application of myoelectric control.


The course, designed for the neophyte in the field, will be an introduction to
myoelectric control and powered prostheses. The focus will be patient oriented
and lectures will look at solving problems in powered prosthetic fittings.
Keynote speaker Yoshio Setoguchie, M.D. is a Professor of Clinical Paediatrics
at UCLA, and will bring to this course, and the full week, his knowledge and
perspective as an experienced hands-on researcher.


The final two and one half days of MEC'94 will be a symposium. Dr. Gregory
Kovacs, M.D., Ph.D., keynote speaker for the symposium, is an Assistant
Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. His research
includes the development of a chronic neural interface to establish permanent
communication with peripheral nerves in an amputation stump. He will be
discussing the effects such interfaces may have on prostheses in the future.

Papers are being solicited for the symposium on the following topics:
myoelectric control research, myoelectric orthotics, new technologies,
myoelectric prosthetics, client management, service delivery, signals &
prosthetic training, psycho-social adaption, multiple limb deficiencies,
and case studies. A 200-300 word abstract, written in English, must be
submitted no later than March 1, 1994. The title of the presentation along
with the names and affiliation of all authors, including a complete mailing
address, must appear at the top of the abstract. Abstracts may be mailed or
faxed to the address or number listed at the bottom.

In keeping with past traditions, MEC'94 will feature exhibits by major
international manufacturers of powered prosthetic components including
myoelectric controls.

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