View Full Version : Looking for gait parameter data on Mr. Pistorius

01-03-2008, 08:12 PM
Hello Everyone,

I am looking for gait parameter data on Oscar Pistorius, so I can use it in
the spring mass model to calculate his specific mechanical power expenditure
due to spring-leg compression.

I've been able to "guestimate" his step-frequency at v = 11.5 m/s (~3.5 Hz)
and leg-stiffness at v = 0 (~16 KN/m) from the Youtube.com videos, but they
are VERY inaccurate. I'd like to compare his power expenditure to that of a
similar able-bodied runner at the same speed.

Has anyone seen any measurements on Mr. Pistorius?

Ted Andresen
Mathematics Department (SP/G)
St. Petersburg College
St. Petersburg, Florida

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