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01-05-2008, 01:47 AM
Dear List.

Help required to calculate the propulsive ankle power/ energy of sound limb of normal person or of a unilateral below knee amputees (UNBK) on a static platform, with hands useful for support to railing only, wearing prosthesis on their other leg but raised above the ground.

1) Total body weight including prosthesis worn. (X)
2) Max. hop / jump height attained by sound /natural leg (Y)
3) OR any other data related towards above calculation.(Z)

UNBK active amputees do have the ability to hop on sound leg, exactly the same way as normal person ability.

Few may have the capability to hop on their prosthetic leg, having a prosthetic foot or pylon that does not follow the principle based purely on stored energy return.

I do under stand there will be differences in calculations comparing static vertical hopping / jumping to running angular hopping or jumping.

Certainly my question could focus on true calculation especially for running below knee unilateral amputees resulting in better external powered prosthetic devices to enhance their capabilities.

In nutshell prosthetic foot needs to have function as similar to natural foot behavior, however I do appreciate the technology is being rapidly upgraded.


Mr.Rabinder Sahni
Prosthetics R&D,Designer lower limbs,Self user

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