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01-15-2008, 05:44 PM
Dear Gili/others interested,

I made a spreadsheet some time ago that has everything you need I think. It
calculates all the various data according to your selected walking speed,
based on At Hof's non-dimensional normalisation. I used Ben Stansfield's
results published in Gait & Posture.



On 1/15/08, Gili Tishler wrote:
> I am a senior student in Mechanical Engineering from Ben Gurion of the
> Negev
> University in Israel. My senior project concerns Biomechanics
> and requires normative gait cycle data of an adult (around the age of 20).
> While searching for kinematics (joint angles) and kinetics (joints moments),
> I found the Biomech website and thought maybe it can help me obtain the gait
> data I need. The best form to obtain this data is in spreadsheet format (
> e.g. Excel) or in text file, if you have it. If not, maybe you could
> suggest other people / websites that will have this data.
> Thank you in advance,
> Have a good day
> Gili Tishlerę
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