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01-17-2008, 06:39 AM
Yes, I use that software, and I highly recommend it
too. Here's a more updated site with more information
about the program and about future versions of the


Simone Gill

--- Philippe Malcolm

> Dear Biomch-L readers,
> My colleagues and I are facing a large amount of
> locomotion videos
> from which we have to manually determine the heel
> strike and toe off
> times (e.g.
> I
> was wondering if there is any software that would
> allow to do this in
> an ergonomic way?
> It would be ideal if there would be a software that
> allows opening an
> avi, where you could navigate through the video by
> means of the arrow
> keys and each time when a gait event occurs you
> could press a
> designated key (e.g. F1 for heel strike right, F2
> for heel strike
> left, ...) which would automatically add the
> corresponding time or
> frame number to a txt-file. (e.g.
> http://users.ugent.be/~pmalcolm/mail2/output.txt)
> In this way you would be able to keep your hands on
> the keyboard
> (=work faster) and there would be no risk for
> mistyping the times or
> frame numbers. Does anyone know of a software
> package that allows
> working in such a way or that could be adapted for
> this purpose?
> thanks for your suggestions, sincerely,
> Philippe Malcolm (philippe.malcolm@ugent.be,
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