View Full Version : Measuring the dimension of the AC Joint

01-19-2008, 09:52 PM
Dear Biomch List members,

I'm a currently doing research into the acromioclavicular joint and would
appreciate opinions on the ideal method in obtaining the various dimensions
involved in the joint.

I have collected roughly 150 consecutive upper limb CT-scans in DICOM format
from patients of all ages with the ultimate aim of importing them into a
program similar to MIMICS and obtaining 3-D measurements of the AC-Joint. I
am particularly interested in the dimensions of the joint itself including
alignment and orientation of the facets from the joints. I am currently
running MIMICS 10.0 and am a novice user at best. I have successfully
imported the DICOM files into MIMICS and created 3-D models which allows me
to take both measurements and angles on the model.

However, my main concern is in choosing the exact points of reference on
each model to measure to ensure consistency. I am hoping to obtain
dimensions on the distal clavicle articulation, the space between the
clavicle and acromion, the acromion, the angulation of both the facets and
whether the joints are aligned or whether a step existed.

I apologize in advance if my questions seem simplistic. Any assistance and
opinions would be greatly appreciated both on MIMICS or other useful
programs and on reference points which can be duplicated in each patient.

Thanks kindly for your time

Best Regards

Dr Phil Huang

Royal North Shore Hospital

Sydney, Australia