View Full Version : Survey of ultrasound systems in use for human gait studies

01-22-2008, 09:36 AM
Hello listservers;

We are interested in purchasing an ultrasound imaging system to study
Achilles tendon strain during locomotor like tasks.

As a start we would like to gain some information (and will of course
re-post a summary of received responses to the list) about the
ultrasound systems currently in use during gait studies.

If you're willing to reply please include:

1.What you use ultrasound to measure
2.Company and Model # of your system (with mailing
address/e-mail/phone contact info if possible)
3.Probe Type (e.g. Linear, # of elements)
4.Probe Scanning Frequency Range (and what setting you prefer to use)
5.Probe Dimensions
6.Depth and Width Resolution
7.How data is output and at what frame rate (e.g. USB 50 Hz)
8.Cost of the system
9.Any general recommendations/feedback/ words of wisdom you would like to share

Thanks for your help,
Greg Sawicki, PhD

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