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Ton Van Den Bogert
01-23-2008, 04:31 AM
Job posting is attached below. Please respond only to the contact address
included in the posting.


Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator


Reply to the Advanced Platform Technology (APT) Center Director of Operations
& External Relations:
Suzana C. Iveljic, MBA
Advanced Platform Technology (APT) Center Louis Stokes Cleveland Veterans
Affairs Medical Center
10701 East Blvd. 151 AW/APT
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Fax: 216-707-6420
E-mail: sci4@case.edu

Job Title: Biomedical Engineer Tissue health and seating The Tissue Health
Biomedical Engineer will be responsible for all aspects of specific projects
to tissue health and seating at a major Rehabilitation R&D Center. S/he will
personally direct the activities of the research team as they relate to the
conduct and completion of the proposed work and will act as the project
manager. Management responsibilities include monitoring budgets, complying
with regulatory and reporting procedures, and adherence to stated goals and
S/he will serve in a leadership role for planning and meeting all research
milestones related to specific tissue health projects, such as identifying the
appropriate methodology, interpreting preliminary results, setting targets,
publishing data in accordance with intellectual property protocols, achieving
independent funding, and implementing use as standard clinical practice.

The incumbent is to coordinate multiple projects within the research program,
with these interactions requiring a high degree of competence in diverse areas
and the imagination to ensure sustainable productivity in a creative and
environment. S/he will review proposals and journal articles for the general
scientific community, represent the Rehabilitation Center through basic
interactions with the professional community, clinical and academic
affiliates, other Federal and State agencies and private groups. The incumbent
is expected to make presentations at local, national, and international
scientific meetings or workshops and be actively involved in their
organization. S/he will ensure that the basic and applied research results are
disseminated to the lay and professional communities through journal articles,
presentations, and through the development of procedures, devices, clinical
trials, and/or other appropriate mechanisms.

The incumbent will integrate customer service, including patient satisfaction
and stakeholder support, into a management plan with clearly defined
priorities to ensure that the facility is maintained, meets program
requirements, and provides and aesthetically pleasing environment. S/he will
also include proper capture of patient complaints in the management plan and
investigate and resolve the sources of complaints of a recurring nature,
implementing corrective action plans when necessary.

Applicants must exhibit an extensive professional history indicating a career
focused on “bench to bedside” translational research.
Specifically, s/he must:
· Be a US Citizen
· Hold a doctoral degree in Biomedical Engineering or closely related field ·
Have at least 9 years research experience in functional electrical stimulation
with implantable electrodes and tissue health, including at least 3 years as a
Principal Investigator.
· Have at least 15 years experience in the fields of seating assessment,
including the use of pressure mapping systems for wheelchair users and tissue
health research incorporating tissue gas measurements.
· Have experience as leader of multidisciplinary clinical and engineering
research teams investigating the treatment and prevention of chronic and acute
wounds in the spinal cord injured veteran population.
· Obtain independent research funding to investigate the therapeutic
applications of electrical stimulation and novel seating system design.
· Demonstrate knowledge and experience in human subject protection and
education and training in the conduct of human research and GCP/GLP · Have
regulatory experience including service on an Institution Review Board,
positive interactions with IACUC boards, and development of IDE applications
to the FDA · Disseminate research findings through organization of national
conferences, publications in scientific journals and presentation at national
and international conferences.
· Be highly regarded professionally as evidenced by service on national and
international funding agency review panels and acting as a reviewer for
professional journals.
· Have experience as a mentor and trainee for a variety of students, including
graduate students and clinical personnel

Please send resumes to:
Suzana C. Iveljic, MBA
Director of Operations & External Relations Advanced Platform Technology (APT)
Center Louis Stokes Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center
10701 East Blvd. 151 AW/APT
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Fax: 216-707-6420
E-mail: sci4@case.edu