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01-24-2008, 10:12 AM
Hello, I am teaching a Kinesiology course and have
had a couple of interesting discussions about naming
movement planes and am curious how most professionals
would describe the following:

Typically, elbow flexion/extension occurs in the
sagittal plane. However, if you abduct your arm (in
frontal plane) and begin to flex/extend your elbow,
would you say that is in the frontal plane? Or would
you be one to say that flex/extension always occur in
the sagittal plane because it is based on Anatomical
position? I have heard it argued both ways and want
to hear from all of you.

Another example to consider: forearm
pronation/supination occurs in transverse plane in
anatomical position, but what if flex elbow 90 degress
in order to turn a door knob. Now, would you say the
wrist is rotating in the frontal plane? or would you
say it's always transverse?

One last example: hip int/ext rotation in anatomical
position is in transverse plane. But, what if you sit
down so that hip is flexed 90 degrees. Now, the head
of femur is rotating in the frontal plane? Or would
you say it's always transverse?

I look forward to all the responses, and will post a

Heather Gulgin, PhD, ATC
Grand Valley State University

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