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Fay B. Horak
02-01-1994, 10:44 AM
Dear Colleagues,

The Twelfth International Symposium on Posture and Gait is making its
second call for papers. The subject of the symposium, to be held in
Matsumoto, Japan on October 3-7, 1994, is "Posture and Gait: Vestibular
and Neural Front." The official language is English.

Papers may be presented orally, by poster, or by video (VHS, NTSC). Topics
of the keynote lectures and papers include: New devices and diagnostic
contribution of postural and locomotion measurement; Development and aging
in posture and gait; Physical training, exercises and rehabilitation;
Biomechanical model of posture and gait; Autonomic nervous system and
other effects on posture and locomotion; Neural mechanisms of posture and
gait; Nystagmus and abnormal eye movements in relation to body
equilibrium; space and posture.

In addition, several tours are also being offered by the organizers of the

Deadlines are as follows: abstracts, March 10, 1994; registration, April
15; guaranteed hotel reservation, June 30.

Please address requests for further information to:
Symposium Secretariat
World Meeting Corporation
1-29-16-201 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160, Japan
Telephone: 81-3-3350-0363
Telefax: 81-3-3341-1830


Fay Horak, President
International Society for Postural and Gait Research
Fay Horak PhD, PT