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01-29-2008, 03:10 AM
Would you please post this for me? Thanks!


I am a biomechanist at the American Sports Medicine Institute in
Birmingham, AL. I am getting ready to do a cadaver study to compare two
suture techniques for repairing a SLAP lesion in the shoulder joint. I
am going to use Fujifilm Super Low Pressure Prescale Film to determine
the contact area and contact pressure within the joint. This is going
to be a one-time use of the Fujifilm for me, so I would prefer to not
buy the equipment and software from Fujifilm for the analysis. Tekscan
has sent me a quote for analyzing the film (they are authorized dealers
of the Prescale film). However, ASMI is a not-for-profit organization,
and I am limited by my budget. Therefore, I am checking with the
community to see if anyone knows of other places where I can send the
film for analysis, or if they know of a less expensive software that I
could use to analyze it myself?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Becky Bolt


American Sports Medicine Institute

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Birmingham, AL 35205


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