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Dave Schrag
01-29-2008, 04:09 AM
Dear all,

Thank you for all the respones I received. In general the warmblood paper tends to be used by the majority of the research. Listed below are the 3 papers that were sugested plus one specific to the hoof. If anyone knows of any other papers in existence please let me know.

Buchner, H.H.F., Savelberg, H.H., Schamhardt, H.C. and Barneveld, A. (1997) Inertial properties of Dutch Warmblood horses. J. Biomech. 30, 653-658

Eric Sprigings and Doug Leach published CoM locations for 3 Thoroughbreds: Equine Vet J 1986; 18:43-49

Kubo, K., Sakai, T., Sakuraoka, H., and Ishii, K. " Segmental body weight, volume and mass center in Thoroughbred horses." Journal Equine Sciences (1992)3, 14955.)

In the case of the hoof, there is also an additional report: Arabian, AK, Lanovaz, JL and Clayton, HM (2001) Determination of hoof mass and centre of mass from morphological measurements. Equine
Vet. J., Suppl. 33, 46-49.

Thanks again to everyone.


David R Schrag
Motion Imaging Corporation (MIC)
Technical Officer