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01-29-2008, 05:32 PM
Dear Colleagues:
please find below, on behalf of the LHDL consortium, the invitation
to join the beta user group of the Living Human Digital Library, to
all those institutions and consortia that have large and valuable
data collections relevant for the multiscale modelling of the human
musculosketal system.


Marco Viceconti
LHDL Project, Scientific Coordinator

From: Marco Viceconti
Date: 29 gennaio 2008 11:47:30 GMT+01:00
Subject: lhdl: invitation to join the LHDL Users Group

Dear Colleague:
My name is Marco Viceconti and I am the scientific co-ordinator of
the LHDL project, in the frame of which the RIzzoli Institute (IOR)
in Bologna, Italy and the Dept. of Anatomy of the Free University of
Brussels (ULB) are developing an incredible data collection on the
musculo-skeletal system. The primary goal of LHDL however is to
develop an ICT infrastructure that will allow any interested
researcher not only to access IOR and ULB data, but also to post-
process them and share the result, or simply add their own data and
models. In the end we hope to create the ultimate data repository on
the musculoskeletal system, seen as a first step in the creation of
the Muscolo-Skeletal Physiome. more information on the project can
be found here:

The Digital library service will start to operate in a preliminary
version in the first half of 2008. In its final version (due by
February 2009) any user of the digital library will be able to set
who can access his/her datasets and under which conditions. However,
in the version we shall release in 2008 this functionality will not
be available yet, and thus who is allowed to enter the digital
library can get everything available.

The LHDL consortium decided that because of this limitation, in 2008
we shall open the library only to few beta users groups that can
contribute to the collection with additional data of comparable value.

If you are leading a research group/consortium owning collections of
data on the musculoskeletal system you deem of considerable value,
for quantity and quality, and you are interested in having your data
well organised and stored in the LHDL digital library service, we
invite you to apply for LHDL beta user status.

To do so, please send to me by email a brief letter in which you
formally ask to join the LHDL consortium as LHDL user, and that this
status should be extended to eventual co-workers / consortium
partners (who should be listed), and that you plan in the arc of 2008
to upload and share with us a tentative list of resources (which
should be detailed, including the storage requirements they
involve). This will not constitute an obligation for you, but only
an expression of good will; however, the LHDL consortium will retain
the right to revise the status of LHDL user, if gross deviations from
this plan are observed.

Your application will be presented at the next consortium meeting,
and if approved will grant to the list of users you gave us the
permission to access all LHDL services, download the LhpBuilder
software, store your data onto the digital library, and download any
data that has or will be uploaded by the LHDL partners until the beta
phase is completed. This will come at no cost for you, and you will
retain the full ownership of your data. You will be allowed to
contribute to the development of the digital library services by
recommending features and improvements, and you will be invited to
participate to the consensus process that will define the legal and
operational model that will regulate the LHDL services once the
research project finish.

Since your request is non-committal at this stage, you will be
allowed to request details on the data already available, those we
plan to collect in the next few months, and on the type of services
LHDL does and will provide, before formalise your decision to joint;
in this sense, your request to join the LHDL user group should be
intended as a mere expression of interest.


Marco Viceconti

Laboratorio di Tecnologia Medica tel. 39-051-6366865
Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli fax.
via di Barbiano 1/10, 40136 - Bologna, Italy

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