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Joe Klaesner
02-01-2008, 01:43 AM
I am working on a wheelchair "treadmill" for use in a lab trying to
determine optimal exercise parameters for quadriplegics and paraplegicsThe treadmill is controlled by a computer, which also records important
parameters such as speed, resistance, and distance, all via an A/D cardFor starters, we would also like to input heart and respiration rates to
the A/D card for ease in collection of data (later we are going to try to
add other physiological measurements). I have written a Borland Builder
application that controls the A/D card, the treadmill, etc. Does anyone
know of any devices on the market that would monitor HR and RR that would
output a signal that could be read by an A/D card, or that would have a "C"
Library that I could call directly from my current application? The
subject would be operating a manual wheelchair, so the device would have to
be able to work with the individual exercising. A wireless device that had
a receiver as a USB device would be great if I can control with my own
software (most have proprietary software that does not allow for us to get
the info directly with our application). As always, this is being done on
a grant, so we have to as frugal as possible.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


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