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02-10-2008, 01:41 PM
Dear all,

We are about to begin a study looking at the functional performance between
three prosthetic feet (SACH, dynamic and multi-axial)using 3D gait analysis
in our VICON equipped laboratory. We found the following articles with
description of the ankle marker placement as on the spot corresponding to
the lateral malleolus on the unaffected side.

* Sjodahl et al. Kinematic and kinetic gait analysis in the sagittal plane
of trans-femoral amputees before and after special gait re-education.
Prosthet Orthot Int 2002; 26: 101-112

* Bateni and Olney. Effect of weight of prosthetic components on the gait of
tran-tibial amputees. JPO 2004; 16(4):113-120

We also found a few similar articles but the authors did not specify the
location of the ankle maker placement. We want to make sure that maker
placements are appropriately placed to represent the function of the feet
design and to avoid potential errors in the kinematics and kinetics
measurements. So our questions are:

1. Is there a standard maker placement for prosthetic feet study?

2. What would be the reasons for choosing the same spot to the lateral
malleolus on the unaffected side?

3. Would it be more accurate to place the maker where the approximate ankle
joint centre/ axis of rotation is located? (As these locations are
definitely different within the three feet designs and certainly are
different from the unaffected side)

Look forward to your responses and will post a summary.


Tam Nguyen

Manager, South Australian Movement Analysis Centre

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