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02-10-2008, 07:27 PM

Gsport inc., the main office of which is located in Tokyo, Japan, is a
leading producer of digital human software and an innovator in the
development and marketing of motion analysis software using human
musculoskeletal model for personal computers. The Research and
Development Department seeks a programmer who will be responsible for
digital human software design and maintenance of software, including
coding, testing, and reviewing related packages.
This position involves all phases of software development from initial
concept through to product release. The person hired for this position
will act as a project leader of interdisciplinary project teams whose
objectives are to develop detailed product specifications from broad
concepts, evaluate market acceptance of new product ideas, and implement
new functions of the product. Close interaction with collaborators in
other institutions, sports biomechanists, PTs or medical doctors is also

The person hired for this position will use Visual Studio with
OpenGL and/or Direct 3D libraries and will be expected to develop a
broad base of knowledge of musculoskeletal models and motion
Responsibilities also include coordination of device testing and
theoretical analysis of products to determine product reliability and

A strong foundation in biomechanical engineering, human physiology and
software technology is required. Good analytical skills to handle
Equation of motion to calculate torque as well as excellent communication
and organizational skills are also required.
Japanese communication skills are very preferred but not a requirement.
A bachelor's degree in mechanical or biomechanical engineering or in a
related area is required (Master's degree is desirable.). Either of
the experience with motion analysis devices or image analysis or 3D
visualization skill is preferred. Experience with motion analysis
software using a musculoskeletal model(SIMM, ARMO, Lifemod, Anybody)
or a dynamics simulation software(DADS, SD Fast, Madymo) would be

We recruit a person who studies or works currently in Japan. We offer a
competitive salary and benefits package, including a sales-linked
incentive plan, and a team-oriented work environment. For more
information, please contact:

Human Resources
gsport inc.
7F Ueno Bldg.
1-18-10 Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo, Japan, 110-0005
email: recruit@gsport.co.jp
FAX: +81-3-3835-8601
To learn more about gsport, visit http://www.gsport.co.jp/

Atsushi Kuroda
gsport inc. office +81-3-3835-8601
http://www.gsport.co.jp/ fax +81-3-3835-8602
7F Yuseifukushi Bldg. 1-18-10 Ueno Taito Tokyo, Japan, 110-0005