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Robin Seidel (cmsc Charite, Germany)
02-12-2008, 11:39 PM
Dear subscribers to the Biomch-L,

on behalf of Georg Duda and Georg Bergmann I am delighted to invite
you to submit abstracts to the forthcoming international Symposium, to be held
in the Charité, Humboldt and Free University of Berlin. In addition to the
international symposium we will celebrate the foundation of

the Julius Wolff Institut,

which will be formed by the research laboratory of the Center for
Musculoskeletal Surgery, lead by Georg Duda / Norbert Haas, and the
Biomechanics Laboratory of Georg Bergmann.

Below you will find a brief overview containing all the details on the
location, the sessions planned and the international faculty presenting:


Dr Robin Seidel

-- Call for Abstracts --
Abstract deadline 15th March 2008
Thursday 15th May – Saturday 17th May 2008
Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Kaiserin Friedrich Haus, Berlin

− Molecular basis of bone healing
− Influences on the biology of bone healing
− Stimulation of healing
− Native and artificial biomaterials
− Modelling musculoskeletal interactions during healing
− Musculoskeletal interactions and clinical consequences

− Prof. G. Bergmann, Charité
− PD H.J. Bail, Charité
− Prof. G.N. Duda, Charité
− Prof. N.P. Haas, Charité
− Prof. C. Perka, Charité
− Prof. U. Weber, Charité
− Prof. D. Felsenberg, Charité
− Prof. P. Fratzl, MPI Golm
− Prof. P. Knaus, FU Biochemistry
− Prof. A. Lendlein, GKSS Helmholtz Association
− Prof. S. Mundlos, MPI Dahlem

− Prof. M. Amling, Hamburg, Germany
− Prof. L. Claes, Germany
− Prof. C. Evans, Boston, USA
− Prof. D. Grainger, Colorado, USA
− Prof. M. Hadjiargyrou, New York, USA
− Prof. F. v.d. Helm, Delft, Netherlands
− Prof. K. Ito, Eindhoven, Netherlands
− Prof. F. Jakob, Würzburg, Germany
− Prof. P.A. Netti, Naples, Italy
− Prof. P. Prendergast, Dublin, UK
− Prof. R. Reis, Braga, Portugal
− Prof. W. Sebald, Würzburg, Germany

We are looking forward to seeing up-to-date research results as well as having
in-depth scientific discussion. This meeting therefore aims to define the
current status and concepts of regeneration in the complete field of bone

The symposium will allow highlighting the state of the art in the
fields of bone healing research. We will focus on new developments regarding
the molecular basis of bone regeneration, the understanding of the structural
constrains of native and artificial tissue and the clinical implications and
experimental models of bone regeneration. We will offer a platform for
clinicians and researchers to share expertises and experiences on latest
developments in this field.

Abstracts for posters and presentations are now being accepted. The
deadline for submission of abstracts is 15th March 2008. The best quality
abstract submissions of no more than 300 words will be accepted for the
sessions presented above. Please find further details, including the
submission form on the web site at www.bonehealing.de.

The best student and best regular rated abstracts will receive awards
including a free registration to the event.

− Regular participants - Euro 250
− Student participants - Euro 150

The foundation of the Julius Wolff Institut, Berlin, a full evening of
entertainment taking place on Thursday evening, is included within the
registration fee.
Further information can be found on the meeting at www.bonehealing.de.

We look forward to welcoming you to Berlin in May 2008,

Georg N. Duda, Georg Bergmann,
Norbert P. Haas, Ulrich Weber

Dr. Robin Seidel
PhD Engineering (Uk) / Dipl. Biologe
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
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Centrum für Muskuloskeletale Chirurgie
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