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03-05-2008, 09:23 AM
Our goal at Angelo State University is to develop a Neuromuscular
Rehabilitation team that will provide excellence in teaching and research.
Currently we have two outstanding faculty members in the neuromuscular area
and supplement teaching with adjunct faculty. As we move to the DPT we
would like to have 3 faculty members in this area, and continue to retain
our outstanding adjuncts. Our current team members are Dr. Carolyn Mason
who did her Ph.D. training at Northwestern and her post-doctoral training at
the University of Minnesota both in Neuroscience. She has obtained grant
funding to develop a motion analysis lab and is conducting research in reach
and grasp. Dr. Mason is also interested in balance and gait and we have
equipment to support this type of work. Our newest member too come on board
in June is Dr. Reta Zabel who did her PhD training at Texas Woman's
University in Geriatrics and Neuromuscular Rehabilitation. Dr. Zabel had a
motion analysis laboratory at University of Central Arkansas and has been
conducting research in gait and balance. Intramural and community research
funds are available as the successful candidate develops their focused
program and works towards federal funding opportunities.

Qualifications include a PhD or other research-based doctorate (e.g. EdD,
ScD, DSc) and preferably Board Certified Clinical Specialization (NCS, PCS
or GCS). A post-doctoral experience is also beneficial. The individual does
not need to be a physical therapist, but this is preferred.

Angelo State University is located in San Angelo Texas, which is a wonderful
community. I have been very happy with the community and our dedicated
faculty. If you want to work with two top-notch scientists in a very
comfortable working environment Angelo State University should be
considered. Teaching load will be low for this type of University (moderate
research) and would compare favorably to many research intensive university
settings. If you have questions please contact:

Scott Hasson, EdD, PT, FACSM, FAPTA

Chair, Department of Physical Therapy

(325) 942-2547