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03-17-2008, 11:33 AM
Graduate Study in Exercise Science at
The University of Mississippi at Oxford:

The Exercise Science Program in the Department of Health,
Exercise Science and Recreation Management at the
University of Mississippi in Oxford is actively seeking a
highly motivated graduate student interested in pursuing
master/doctoral work in the area of human motor control
and/or biomechanics. Specific areas of on-going work
include neuromotor control (event related potentials and
EEG), aging/thermal motor control, and neuromechanics. A
position currently exists for a funded (monthly stipend and
annual tuition remission) Research Assistant. The position
is available for either Fall 2008 or Spring 2009.
A strong background in the biological sciences and strong
computational skills – with competency in at least one
programming language (Matlab or Labview) – is strongly
desired. Previous experience taking and processing
kinematic and kinetic data using Vicon Motion Capture is
also encouraged.

The Department houses laboratories in Applied Physiology,
Biochemistry and Endocrinology, Biomechanics and Ergonomics,
Bone Mineral Density & Body Composition, and Cognitive
Neurophysiology. The University of Mississippi’s Department
of Health, Exercise Science and Recreation Management
offers comprehensive advanced training in Exercise Science
leading to both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Students can take
advanced level courses in such areas as, Biomechanics of
Human Movement, Neuromuscular Bases of Motor Control,
Advanced Exercise Physiology, Physiology of Aging,
Cognitive Neuromechanics and more.

Students are encouraged to contact the Dr. Dwight Waddell
to discuss specific research opportunities and the
compatibility of the student's research interest with
ongoing projects.

Specifically the Biomechanics and Cognition labs include:
6 camera Vicon Motion Capture System, Neurocom Equitest
Balance system, 2 AMTI Force Plates, 16 channel telemetered
Noraxon EMG system, 2 Power-Plate pro5 AIRdaptive Vibration
Training Machines, DartFish video system, 40 channel
Neuroscan digital EEG system, Med-Eng thermal suits with
circulating chillers, laser Doppler Flowmetry, and single
motor unit analysis system.

Dr. Dwight Waddell
Assistant Professor Exercise Science
Director, Cognitive Neurophysiology Lab

Applications for Fall 2008 and Spring 2009 admissions are
now being accepted. The main considerations for admission
to the Exercise Science Program are: (a) course background
of the student (science courses, including Physics,
Mathematics, Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Motor
Control and Learning, etc.);
(b) student's GRE scores("verbal" scores should preferably
be in the 500's or above, while "quantitative" scores
should preferably be in the 600's or above); and
(c) student's record of interest, experience, and academic
performance (CV).

Outstanding students from biological and/or engineering
sciences, including psychology and neuroscience, are
greatly encouraged to apply. Full detailed application
procedures can be found at: