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03-17-2008, 09:15 PM
Call for Special Session Papers

CLAWAR 2008: 11th International Conference on Climbing and Walking
Robots and the Support Technologies for Mobile Machines

Coimbra, Portugal, 08-10 September 2008

Special Session title: Biomedical Robotic Assistance

Technological advances in robotics and biomedicine provide the
opportunity for development of a variety of assistance techniques
ranging from personal care to public services in domestic, public,
industrial and non-industrial environments. Among these interest and
focus is given to personal care situations to a large extend where
biomedical robotic assistance may be provided in either fully assistive
or augmentary or supplementary manner. Such developments bring greater
benefits to the disabled and the elderly, towards mobility,
rehabilitation, function-restoration and physical exercise.

Scope of the session:

In this special session the emphasis will be on shared areas of
technological advances in robotics and biomedical engineering. The
following list gives examples of the topics we would like to cover;
however, it is not intended to be exclusive.

* Robotics in surgery

* Advances in prosthetics and orthotics

* Intelligent prostheses and orthoses

* Exoskeletons

* Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

* Intelligent aids for the disabled

* Robotics in physiotherapy and rehabilitation

* Robotics and the elderly population

* Intelligent monitoring in health, disease and the elderly

* Modelling and simulation in the design of biomedical devices

Session organisers:

Professor David Howard & Dr Laurence Kenney

Centre for Rehabilitation and Human Performance Research

University of Salford, UK

Email: d.howard@salford.ac.uk

Dr Osman Tokhi & Dr Samad Gharooni
Department of Automatic Control & Systems Engineering
University of Sheffield, UK
Email: o.tokhi@sheffield.ac.uk

Submission of contributions:

Each contribution should include a cover page and an extended abstract
of not more than three A4 pages. The cover page should include the title
of the paper; name, affiliation and full postal and email addresses of
the corresponding author; names, affiliations and email addresses of all
co-authors; and the title of the special session. Please send your
contributions directly via the CLAWAR2008 paper submission link at