View Full Version : plantar pressure

Roshna Wunderlich
02-04-1994, 03:44 AM
I am a graduate student just beginning my dissertation research on the kinetics
and kinematics of the foot of non-human primates. I am looking for advice as
to a pressure measurement system that would be appropriate for my needs. I
would like to measure plantar pressures on both flat surfaces and curvilinear
artificial "branches." I will need a system that is sensitive enough for
animals as small as 8 kg. I have tested some pressure sensitive films (Fuji)
and had moderate success, but these films do not seem to be sensitive enough
for some of the small pressures, and they do not give a continuous reading of
pressure as the animal is moving.
I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance.

- Roshna Wunderlich
SUNY - Stony Brook