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03-24-2008, 06:32 AM
An undergraduate student here at Bowling Green State University
studying Paleobiology is interested in the non-avian Theropods. More
specifically she is interested in the Ontogeny (the limits as to what
these dinosaurs can do based on origin and the development from the
fertilized egg to its mature form) or the Allometry (the relationship
between size and shape and the changes as larger species
developed). She would like to investigate if one or the other
(Ontogeny or Allometry) contributed more to the movement/locomotive
patterns and or
eating mechanisms of the large non-avian Theropods.

So, we are sending out this post to see if any individuals among this
community have any literature or expertise related to this topic that
may be of help to this aspiring Paleobiologist. Any help or insight
on this topic will be of great interest. Please feel free to respond
to me, Brian Campbell campbeb@bgsu.edu and I will forward the
responses on to the student. Thanks a ton for your help.
All the best.

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