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03-25-2008, 01:43 AM
Dear all,

we are currently planning an intervention study in a pre-frail cohort
(definition by
Walston et al., 2006; Fried et al., 2001) in the area of power and
strength training.

Unfortunately we are running in some problems to test the power of the
lower extremity in this cohort.
First of all we need a safe power testing method, and we did not find a
lot of information regarding this ethical issue..
Porter (2006) in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism have a
small note on the risk of injuries in the testing procedure. >/Adverse
events were reported in several studies, although the risk for injuries
appears to be higher for testing than for training itself./<

Second we also have trouble to find a reliable measurement tools for
testing power in the lower extremities.
Bassey and Short (1990) have developped the leg extensor power rig but
we are wondering if there are not other possible tools out there.
We did also find the stair or ramp test but for testing power in
pre-frail that might not be appropriate.

We are also aware of the Schroeder project about the number of testing
procedures (2007). They reported a 5 till 10% change due to the testing
and not to any interventions. They also used the Bassey power rig.

Further difficulties arise from the fact that we will be testing in a
clinical setting and therefore are not able to fall back on a fully
technical equipped lab.

Due to these difficulties I am turning to the biomechanic list for
additional information. We would be more then glad if others could share
their experience with power testing in pre-frail older adults with us
and second for information about additional testing tools, and as always
I will post all the comments

Kind regards
Dr. Ellen Freiberger

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University of Erlangen/Germany
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