View Full Version : Head Injury Criteria (HIC/NMSC/TEC)

Pierre Mongenie
02-07-1994, 03:29 AM
Hello everyone,
I am doing a Ph.D. in France on the crash safety of train passengers.

I have read many articles on Injury Criteria and like everybody ask
myself about the Head Injury Criterion (HIC). Goldsmith in 1984,
recommended the use of the Mean Strain Criterion, MSC,
(Stalnaker '71) rather than the HIC for the American Federal standard
FMVSS 208. Since then, the MSC has been re-evaluated twice. Firstly,
the New MSC (Stalnaker '85) appeared with a new one-dimensional model
associated with it, and secondly the Translational Energy Criterion,
TEC, (Stalnaker '87, Rojanavanich '88). Since then I have seen
nothing on the subject nor anyone using it.

I would appreciate any litterature references, information or
personal remarks on the use of the NMSC or TEC.

Thanks in advance,

Pierre Mongenie
INRETS, Biomechanics and Crash testing Laboratory, France