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Larry Abraham
02-07-1994, 03:48 AM
I am forwarding the following request for help in hopes that you might
provide assistance to this student. Please respond directly rather than to
(or through) me.

>I am a Mexican student who is looking for some information (references) about
>Ergonomics (Human Factors). There are two specific topics I want to
> -The hand
> -Ergonomic packages and containers.
>I would really appreciate your helping me even though I know this is not
>your area but I think it is related,and if not, I wonder if you could send
>me the electonic address of the right person(s) to ask about it.
>Sorry for bothering you, and please, forgive my bad English and worse
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> | J. Agustin Robles Arenas C. |
> | Universidad Iberoamericana |
> | Mexico City, Mexico |
> | Jarac @ Ibero.UIA.Mx |
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