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04-11-2008, 01:51 AM
Biomech-L Subscribers,

Here are the responses to the original request for information regarding
treadmill purchases. If you have any addition information I would greatly
appreciate the help.


Justus Ortega, Ph.D.
Biomechanics Lab
Department of Kinesiology
Humboldt State University
1 Harpst Street, Arcata CA 95521
(707) 826-4274

Original request for info:

I am looking to purchase a research quality treadmill that meets the
following criteria:

1) Allows for a wide range of speeds (walking & running)
2) Incline up to 20-25%
3) Runs both forward and backward

I would appreciate any information regarding model, company, price pros
and cons.


You can get them at Overbuilt http://overbuilt.com/ nice treadmills but
expensive (approx 25k). You can also get them at Cosmed. Very expensive
approx 50k to 100K

We had ours built just by an individual who is in Texas.
The last contact info I had was
Bill Spriggs
837 HCR2421E
Hillsboro, TX 76645

He has built us 3 of these treadmill that have been solid units. He builds
them one at a time and can make you whatever Specs you want.

Ours go 0-25 mph with 40 percent grade capabilities. I have attached a
picture. The one limitation for you might be that we did not choose to
make the treadmill go forwards and backwards rather we just turn the
athlete around (picture also attached). However I think Bill Said he
could make it do this but it would cost more.

The last option is Trackmaster http://www.trackmastertreadmills.com/ who
was based out of Texas. They built us a couple of high performance
treadmills about 15 years ago but were not nearly as nice.
We have a Biodex RTM 400 Rehabilitation Treadmill, which is great.
Here is the description given from the document:

"Additionally, 4Q Pulse Width Modulation motor control, the same motor
control that help make the Biodex Dynamometer the worldwide choice for
extremity testing and rehabilitation, provides more consistent speed
control than either AC or DC treadmill models can ever hope to attain.
With track speeds of 0-10 mph (16.9 KM/h) in forward and 0-3 mph (4.8
Km/h) in reverse, a zero starting speed, the ability to change speeds
in .1 mph increments, easy to read displays and touch-key operation,
PWM motor control and a choice of handrail configurations, the RTM 400
is among the safest and most versatile treadmills available today."


I teach at a master's level institution with limited resources for
instrumentation and selected the Woodway Desmo Pro a few years ago. I
wanted each of the criteria you've mentioned and there was a substantial
jump in price for other brands with similar functions, so the lower cost
of the Woodway made it the way to go for our needs and budget. We have
been very happy with its performance and the students love it.


If you want a "workhorse" treadmill, try Woodway. They have several
models so you would have to call them for a price quote. Go to their
website to see all models. Their prices may seem high but you can't beat
their quality. If your budget can't buy a new treadmill, they might have
some reconditioned models.
In the lab we use a Cosmed (COSMOS T250) the size i 250x100cm
You can find something here with all specification (and serach the
specification you

Cosmed is the italian distributor but the developer is COSMOS (Germany).

The tradmill is very stable and hard and support is very good.
They are quite expensive but the price seems to cover the investment.
We use for daily physio test for running (MADER test), intermittent test
(you can program acceleration and deceleration also) and used also for
bike test.
We purchased a Woodway Treadmill (model # PRPB4216.ACJR). Capable of 20
mph forward and 5 mph backwards. Inclines up to 25%. Tread is 27" wide.

Woodway USA
W 229 N 591 Foster Court
Waukesha, WI 53186