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04-13-2008, 08:12 PM
Dear All peers:
We are working on a project as described above. We haqve collected CT-data of patients from hospitals with informrd consent. Using an image processing software we could reconstruct the upper end of the femur bone and based on the marrow cavity we could easily get the size and shape of the prosthesis which is usually different from the conventional type. This hip will provide the anteversion angle automatically and allow cross legged sitting and squatting.
The static & dynamic stress analysis were done to ensure its strength and stiffness. This hip will be produced using NC machines ,RPT or LENS technique depending on the technology available at hand. My question is it a technically acceptable idea for the developing nation. Do you think that we will need special tool for each patient which is expensive. We wish to make it available to all with simplified technology while working in a team. I wish to share this idea will concerned.
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